girls talk about gardasil
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Here's more about our study

We are nurse researchers interested in better understanding how young women make decisions about Gardasil. This study fulfills a thesis requirement for the completion of a nursing degree.

The interview

Your participation in this study is voluntary. You can refuse to answer any question we ask and you can leave the study at any time.

We will interview you over the phone or in-person if you wish.

The interview has two parts, each part could take one hour.

Part one asks one general question: "Tell me what making the decision about the vaccination was like for you."

Part two is a set of specific questions we will ask you about your experience.

You can choose which part to do first and whether to do them at the same time or separately.

Study results will be posted on this website.


Your interview is confidential.

We will not reveal your name or any identifying information you tell us.

The interviews will be tape-recorded and typed up. Your name and any identifying information you tell us will be removed.

The interview tapes and transcripts will be securely stored at Trent University for seven years and then destroyed.

We consider this study to be low risk. If we ask a question that makes you feel uncomfortable, you do not have to answer it. If talking about your experience upsets you, and, if you wish, we will refer you to someone to help.

Are there risks?

We do not foresee our interview causing greater than minimum risk to you.

If your participation causes you any distress we will provide an opportunity for you to de-brief with a health professional if you wish.

You will be contributing to knowledge about how girls make decisions about Gardasil that may imporve the decision making process for other girls.

You may enjoy the opportunity to speak about your experience.

We will link you to electronic resources to answer our questions you have about HPV, HIV or Gardasil.